Third grade students singing a song to learn the name of some Orff Instruments: glockenspiel, xylophone and metallophone.  They chant and improvise to play short rhythmic pieces on these instruments with their music teacher, Mrs. Penick.
9/1/2011 07:13:41

I really like the beat because it's a relaxing beat.

Mrs. Penick
9/2/2011 02:14:06

Way to go 3 SS! I love your performance of "Listen to the Instruments." You are all off to a great start in music this year. Keep it up. Thank you to Mrs. Skrtic for including our music lesson on your class blog. Mrs. Penick

Ms. Skrtic
9/4/2011 00:49:54

Chile, I love listening to all kinds of music and like this beat as well. What kind of music do you like?

9/14/2011 06:59:36

I love the way how we got to play together and we were focused!


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