Wow! I cant belive that yesterday I said my lines properly nice and clear. - Alice

The December concert was a big success I had to stay backstage the whole time.-An

The concert was great I loved doing the dance.  

That was a great performance, pre-k, k1, k2, g1, g2, g3, g4, and g5! I had to stay backstage the whole time! – Ruby 

I really liked the concert, we went to so many places I can’t wait for next year’s concert-Omair

I think grade five did the best and grade 3.-Simon

I liked doing the dance but when I came to talk I wish the parents did not clap.- Sarina

I thought last night all of us third graders did a great job! I would like to congratulate everybody in third grade!!!-Sif

I really enjoyed the concert because third grade did a good job!-Albert

I liked grade 4 showed and k2 showed I last night grade did in the jungle and I like to move it. It was fun. Good job grade 3. -Pin

I had fun because I liked doing the drama.-Chile

I love this night because it was really fun dancing and I loved it. - Noah

Nice work! For all grades and the singers. Keishiro

I enjoyed the whole concert because it was so different from last year. Chika

I liked step up and leap. –Risa

I liked the G3 dance-Mio

I liked the grade there dance because it was amazing
  How many people were watching me . - Madelaine

12/21/2011 18:33:34

Hi g3,
I really liked your performance and I agree with all of you.

12/21/2011 18:36:42

Hi Mads,
I think there were about 100 people watching us but mads we did a great job so don't worry about it.


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