After collecting a list of inventions found in our homes, we discovered these particular inventions appeared on several student's lists. Can you choose one and tell us one positive and or negative aspect of the invention?
Sofie's DoInk animation of the solar system.
Sarina's DoInk animation of the solar system.

space by 8904, made at
Mark's DoInk animation of the solar system.
The Grade 3 students watched an episode of The Flintstones today as a provocation into our new unit, Where We Are In Place And Time. We created a list of inventions that we observed in the video and talked about how they are different today. Can you find any in the video that we missed?
Congratulations this week to Lisa from 3KP, Phoebe from 3BM and Sif from 3SS!  
An and Sarina
Chika and Risa
Ruby and Mio
Pin, Alice, and Madelaine
Sif and Omair
Noah and Simon
Keishiro and Mark
Chile and Sofie
Bernardo and Albert
Well done to our  three award winners this week: risk-taking Gabriel, creative An and Oliver the communicator!
Congratulations Risa, Ben and Kyoka!