We've been learning Prezi, a zooming presentation tool, recently in Grade 3. Min Seo from 3BM did an awesome job at her "About Me" Prezi. I have never seen such "zoominess" working so well in a Prezi before! Very creative!
Looking forward to more Prezis in Grade 3!
Mr. Gallagher
Congratulations to this week's award winners: Confident Alice, balanced Min Seo and independent Imogen!  Well done, girls!
A glimpse into the 3SS classroom during math. 
Mrs. Armitage is full of bright ideas on how to improve her bicycle by adding amazing inventions, but she may go too far!

3SS have added changes to the roller skate.  We then took our drawings and animated them in DoInk

chile by 8637, made at DoInk.com

super by 9045, made at DoInk.com

sarina by 8749, made at DoInk.com

Pin by 8775, made at DoInk.com

me by 8904, made at DoInk.com
Today (February 13,  2012), an author and an illustrator came to visit
us in the M.P.R. The author’s name is: Dave Seow, and the
illustrator’s name is: Susanna Go-ho. They have made over 22 books.
Some of the books are: The Littlest Emperor, Monkey, God Is Hu?, There
is soup on my fly, and Blow A Kiss.

If you want to read and look at Dave Seow and Susanna Go-Ho’s books,
go to the library at ISS or visit any library in Singapore.

Click here to see Dave Seow's blog.

Thank You For Reading,

On December 15th we started to read a book called “No Talking” and we
ended it on February 1st. It is about a competition of no talking boys
vs. Girls and at the end the girls wanted to make the competition a
tie so they said 27 words to make it one. We also had a competition to
see who could talk less but everyone quit so the two leaders were left
and the girl won. The two leaders were Omair and I.
Thank you,

Great job Katie, Mio, and Edvard for all your hard effort in football. You have made us proud!

Great job Omair, Katie, and Yuta!!

Congratulations Yi Ci, Mark, and Job!