Award winners from March 16th: Nathan, Kohshi and Pin.  Congratulations!
Today in Grade 3SS we did experiment with baking soda and liquids. When our group put baking soda into the vinegar, it exploded. Members in our group were actually surprised. Next one was Orange juice. When we put baking soda into the Orange juice a lot of bubbles came out. But the thing I saw one weird thing that Alice spilt Orange juice into Ruby’s desk. And the third one was water. But nothing happened. Okay, the final one is milk! So when we put baking soda into the milk, it just had some bubbles. I think the most liquid I liked is Orange juice because it made a lot of bubbles. The thing is this experiment would include with solids, liquids, and gases.
By - Albert

In 3ss we did a experiment with milk, orange juice, water, and vinegar. We put baking soda into each liquid and had to write down what we saw heard and smelt. The vinegar exploded and there was a big mess. On the orange juice a load of bubbles came up and went back down it was so cool. On the milk a few bubbles went a the sides. On the water nothing happened it was so much fun. This taught us about solids liquids and gases .
By - Madelaine

Tell us about your experience at the Grade 5 Exhibition this morning. 

Today in class we did some Chocolate Crispies. When we were finished making it we ate it. There are 8 steps of how to make it. We used some materials to make it. We decided how solid can turn into liquid. The solid can turn into liquid by melting. And liquid can turn into gas by evaporating.

By Alice
Today Grade 3SS had their first Skype Session with a Grade 3 class at Tokyo International School. We introduced ourselves and already talked about our next chat! We look forward to collaborating more as we have both begun an inquiry unit into How the World Works. 
On the 7th of March 2012 we made Oobleck. At first we read a Dr. Suess called Bartholomew   and the Oobleck. It was really funny because everyone in the story was stuck to something in the book. At the end of the book we had are own experiment. WE MADE OOBLECK! We made balls
but they exploded  but Mio's one didn't. When we went to lunch kids called us ZOMBIES!
but when I showed it to Mr. Buggs he said "I want green hands as well
so I told him to make Oobleck he asked "what is Oobleck" I said corn
flour water and food color.
By: An

On the 7th of March 2012  the whole of g3ss made something gooey  and it was called oobleck and we got the idea from the book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck and the book was written by:Dr.Suess and it was fun because we experimented it and also because Ms.Skrtic rubbed all her oobleck on me and started taking pictures and when we went to lunch everyone called us ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

On the 7th March, 2012, Wednesday, we read a book called Barthomelew and the Oobleck. We mae our own Oobleck with corn starch, water, and green food colouring. We needed a silver reusable plastic tray, a cup, a measuring cup, plastic bowl, and measiring cup. We had fun.

Today grade 3 began a measurement unit. 3SS paired up and practiced measuring in centimeters. 
Well done Grade 3! We had a lot of guests throughout the day and you were able to answer all of their questions and share some very interesting facts. We collected valuable feedback from our guests through our presentation rubric as well as our own self assessment. We even had offers to buy our inventions!