Grade 3 students, can you explain the process of sublimation? Use these pictures to help yourself remember the process and leave your thoughts in the comment section. 
On April 19th 2012 3ss went down to the kitchen. As soon as we got there Ms.Skrtic took out some things out from a big bag. We already knew we were doing an experiment on how to make Scottish pancakes because Ms.Skrtic left a clipboard on our desks that had the Apparatus and Method on it, which we brought down with us to the kitchen. Ms.Skrtic took out flour, baking powder, some kind of spray and caster sugar. She also took out eggs and milk from the fridge. We learned that the spray was like butter that you put on the pan before you cook so that the pancake doesn’t stick to the pan. We had to double the ingredients to make enough pancakes for every one. When we started eating the pancake it was very good and I want to make Scottish pancakes at home too. - Sarina
Well Done 3SS, Well Done!!!
Last week Grade 3 experimented with Coke and Mentos. 3SS students used their DoInk skills to create animations of the chemical reaction. Enjoy!
Sofie's animation
Simon's animation
Bernardo's animation
An's animation
Sarina's animation
Making Fizzy Drinks On Wednesday 17 of April, 3SS made Fizzy Drinks, and it looked so good when we started to make it. We poured orange juice in it and we also put sugar powder. We made the Fizzy Drinks independently and when everyone was finished mixing the sugar powder and the Fizz powder together, Ms. Skrtic came around the tables, again, to give us orange juice to pour in the sugar powder and the Fizz powder. But you don’t need to pour everything in the cup. When Ms. Skrtic gave the orange juice, we mixed it , Ms. Skrtic said we had to mix very well. When we where done mixing the Fizzy drink, we tasted it, but not every experiment needs to taste, but this one, you would be glad to taste it, because it taste HORRIBLE! it was salty. Then few minutes later, some people came up with freezing it, and then lots of people wanted to freeze there’s. It seriously taste salty. The next day, we took a look at our frozen weird taste fizzy drink, when we tasted it again, it still taste horrible. We threw it in the bin and went to the bathroom to clean our hands and clean their mouth so they take that weird salty taste out of their tongue. Most of us decided to never make that weird drink again. - Sofie

Grade 3, What happened to the orange juice? Why do you think this happened?  - Ms. Skrtic 
Sam, Oliver and Yuta see how much sugar they can dissolve in cold, warm and hot water.
Ruby 1
Ruby 2
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Job and Axel were very excited to have created a gas (carbon dioxide) by mixing a solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar)!
On 09/04/12 after lunch we did a experiment on Cocacola.  We were supposed to have I.T but we didn’t! We were doing a experiment of Cocacola with Mentos[mint]. We had mint Mentos, Cocacola light, normal Cocacola, Omair’s student card and a Mentos loader. When we put the Mentos inside the Cocacola, it exploded and shooted to the air. But when we put the Mentos inside Cocacola light it had a bigger chemical action.
When Ms.Skrtic opened the cap of Cocacola the gas was spreading and I heard the gas escaping from the Cocacola. When it exploded it smelled like Cocacola. When I saw the reaction I saw bubbles and a Cocacola fountain!
But I thought Cocacola light was a rocket! - Keishiro