The last read aloud this year in 3SS was Mr. Popper's Penguins. We then enjoyed watching the film version. Here are a few sample reflections from 3SS students comparing the book with the film. 

After reading Jaguar Jewel, Simon and Keishiro reflected on the book by creating a CommonCraft video. Please enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts. 
We were able to talk with our grade 3 friends from Tokyo International School again today via Skype. We listened as they took turns reading a personal narrative they composed. We loved their word choice and really felt connected to their writing. We look forward to hearing more! 
Today 3SS Skyped with Chika, who moved back to Japan a few months ago.  We were so excited to see her again and hear all about her new school. We miss her dearly and hope to keep in touch! 
The students in 3SS chose a right to illustrate and explain in this class VoiceThread presentation. 
Just click the yellow close x and the presentation should advance automatically. If not, click the forward arrow. 
Below you will find pictures from different fraction activities. Please choose one to comment on. Think about which one you enjoyed the most, what did you do during the activity, how did the activity help you?