3SS students, what do you think Russell will look like if he dares to turn the ring 3 times? Use Build Your Wild Self and create your image of Russell. Email me your picture or print it out and bring it into class to share. The image above shows my creation of Russell in Build Your Wild Self! Click here to go to Build Your Wild Self
On this rainy morning we went down to the K1s and read our brochures to the K1s and they all were so cute and some were very talkative and some were very shy but we were all being communicatores, when we were reading our brochures and we were also being risk-takers because maybe some people have never read to little kids before and I hope we can go again to the K1s and play games with them.
By: Chile

Today, we went on this rainy morning we been to K1PA. They was clever. I was suprised of understand many things. I thought K1PA’s teacher is smart. I telled the brochure. It was fun!!!
By:  Albert


Congratulations to Chika, Daya, and Zofia on their PYP Awards today! Well done girls. 
Work with Sam and her dog, Rufus, to identify synonyms! Click on the picture above to play. 
As part of our homework from our unit on Healthy Choices, students chose to complete activities from a wide selection. Keishiro worked hard and completed all of the activities! The students and I were very impressed with his presentation and thought we would share some of it with you. The following shows Keishiro's Rebuses, 'Did you know' facts, tongue twister, and venn diagram. Well done Keishiro and keep up the great work! 
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Hello Everyone,

Attached are some pictures from the healthy lunch 3BM made.  Great job kids I am proud of you and your amazing cooking skills!!  We managed to eat every food from the food pyramid and at the same time have all the foods we need from specific groups...yum!

Mr. Meyers

Hi Kids,

It's me Mr. Meyers, and I have a serious problem.  I figured since all of you just finished your unit on healthy lifestyles you might be able to help.  Aspen is my dog and he does not know anything about being healthy.  Could you please give him some tips on how to be healthy, currently all he does is lay around the house and try to eat fatty foods.  

Thanks for your help,

Mr. Meyers

PS Aspen told me to include this silly dog....Ruff!

The students prepared and enjoyed a healthy lunch today in the classroom. We made chicken and veggie wraps, fruit and yogurt dip, and ants on a log! Well, not real ants! Thank you to our parents who were able to come in and help us out today. We had a lot of fun and went to break with full stomachs!
I just wanted to say "Great job!" to all the 3KP students for their 
wonderful performance in assembly today. Several teachers commented 
on how much they enjoyed it, especially the song at the end! 
Everybody managed to learn their lines and I was proud of all of you! 
Well done, everyone, and enjoy your weekend!  -  Mrs. Parker

Thanks to a great inquiry question from a visitor to our blog, 3SS decided to find out what would happen if we placed another egg in coke instead of vinegar, which was an experiment we conducted a few weeks ago that you can revisit here. We kept the egg in the coke for about 5 days. We predicted that the same thing would happen to the egg since coke is an acidic drink. We found the color of the egg changed, just like the color of your teeth would change after drinking a lot of coke.