On the 24th of November  we went to see a few elephants which are displayed on orchard road. We saw a lot of nice and colorful elephants. One lady made an elephant covered in lace, and she called her Lacey. The lady’s message was that we should be careful with elephants, like lace. Another lady went to the butterfly farm. She was so amazed by the butterfly that she pictured it in her mind and made butterfly and parrots on it, so she can remember her time in butterfly farm. And we especially want to thank miss MONICA for organizing and letting us have a wonderful trip!  - By Ruby
On 25th of November our class went to see the Elephant Parade. 

Our guide was Miss Monica.  She explained to us many things about the elephants.

I liked the elephant made by Miss Monica because I liked the different colours on each side. I saw the paper stuck on the glass.  It said See the elephant with a real diamond.  I really wanted to see it so I asked my mum to take me after school.  It was so big and beautiful.  By Joji

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Over the last few weeks we have been using the writing process to create October stories for our buddies the 7th graders.  Many of us tried to write stories that would scare the pants off them.  This included stories about zombies, vampires, ghosts, monster houses, and many more.  Please enjoy these pictures and feel free to stop by 3BM and read these scary stories.  

The 7th graders on the other hand helped us get ready for an earthquake and shared the events of the 1906 earth quake that happened in San Francisco.

Mr.  Meyers 

I am proud to present 3BM's Cinquain poems.  Take a look they are amazing!!!

Mr.  Meyers

Very nice
Playing running talking
Football is his hobby
Author BEN

   Scary, weird
Haunting, wondering, thinking
I dream about them
AUTHOR Callum.

White, good
Running, , eating, sleeping
Like’s running in parks
Author Christian

Sweet, popular
Melting cracking dripping
It’s is sweet, yummy
Author Daya

Fat big
Running  hitting  laughing
Loves to eat bread
Author Edvard

white great
playing,moving looking
the ds I is very fun.
by Ewan

Fun ,  pretty
Playing , racing, sliding
Cars  are so fun.
Author:  Jasmine

Biggest longest
Playing , enjoying, typing
Played interesting  adventure games.
Author Kohshi

Big nice
Moving running Playing
Soccer is my hobby
Author Koki

Big, scary
breathing, flying, shouting
He is very Unfriendly
Author Marcus

Cuddly, Cute
Eating, Climing, hanging
It’s grey and white
Author Maya

White cleaner.
Erasing cleaning doing,
Very good and fine
Author Min Seo

Scary, ugly
Playing, running, hitting
The alien is running
Author Syafiq

Cute, cuddle
Hopping, running, eating
It is black hungry
Author My

Furry, soft,
Running, jumping, walking,
My dog loves bones

Hi Kids,

It's me Mr. Meyers, and I have a serious problem.  I figured since all of you just finished your unit on healthy lifestyles you might be able to help.  Aspen is my dog and he does not know anything about being healthy.  Could you please give him some tips on how to be healthy, currently all he does is lay around the house and try to eat fatty foods.  

Thanks for your help,

Mr. Meyers

PS Aspen told me to include this silly dog....Ruff!

Congratulations to Ewan, Gilbert, and Keishiro for their PYP Awards this week. Well done boys!
Practice your addition skills with these addition puzzles. Click on the image above and choose a level to practice with and have fun!
Thanks to Oliver A., Simon, and Ryan for leading the grade 3 classes in stretching this morning before our 5 minute run!
Every morning students take 10 minutes to wake up their brains and focus on our PYP values.  Here are some of the things kids had to say.
-Mr.  Meyers 
Early Bird Time!!!

    No Talketalke is a game where use body language. It is very fun when you are more then one. How to play? You use body language and hands. they tell you what to do! 
Author: Marcus       

We listened to music when we read book’s and when we  writedraw and we wrote about a Corazon because
  Mr. Meyers said that we should listen to the music and then we were so post to write about it.
Author: My

We hear the song and try to wright what is the name of the song in our book and we also try to guess what is the type of the piano.
Author: Syafiq

We made music on the computer.
  First Mr. Meyers put the website
  On the computer. The dots were small and when you clicked one of the dots it made a sound.
Author:  Phoebe

We have had a busy few weeks in 3BM.   Students spent time this week reflecting and going through the writing process to create some new posts on our blog to share our activities.
-Mr. Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Bagel Face

In class we made bagel face and it was delicious.
 It was delicious because there was lots of vegetable and some dairy so it was delicious. When you want to make a bagel face type www.How to make bagel face.com.
Author:  Koki

The vegetable we had where cucumber for the eyes, carrots for
  the nose and green pepper for the mouth. We had been sprouts
  for the hair.
Author: Christian

We were creative to make a bagel face nicely. Like the bean sprout for a hair, or the tomatoes eyes, orange ears, cucumber nose, and the green pepper for mouth. After we finished making bagel face we ate the bagel face and it was delicious.
Author: Kohshigoto 

It was fun making the bagel face because when we were done we made the face talk to the other faces. My favorite part was eating the bagel face because it filled me up. I hope we can do it again.
Author: Ben

Congratulations Koki (3BM), Aiyana (3KP) and Noah (3SS) on this week's assembly awards!