Today when I heard the song ‘Vincent’, sung by Don Mclean, I felt tired, relaxed and sleepy. It was a very nice song about Vincent Van Gogh; it was a memorable song. It has a nice chorus starting with ‘Starry starry night’. I think Don Mclean felt very inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s art. His paintings are quite nice. The form of art is visual arts for painting. Don Mclean is also representing an art, his art is performing arts for singing. I thought Don Mclean was also creative by not just using Vincent Van Gogh’s famous art he used many of his paintings that I have never seen. As for the song he sang, Don Mclean used very descriptive words. He also used words that were about his life like, ‘How you suffered for your sanity’.  The song also has a sentence saying ‘portraits hung in empty halls, frameless head on nameless walls.’ When it finished I thought the lyrics were good.