Making Fizzy Drinks On Wednesday 17 of April, 3SS made Fizzy Drinks, and it looked so good when we started to make it. We poured orange juice in it and we also put sugar powder. We made the Fizzy Drinks independently and when everyone was finished mixing the sugar powder and the Fizz powder together, Ms. Skrtic came around the tables, again, to give us orange juice to pour in the sugar powder and the Fizz powder. But you don’t need to pour everything in the cup. When Ms. Skrtic gave the orange juice, we mixed it , Ms. Skrtic said we had to mix very well. When we where done mixing the Fizzy drink, we tasted it, but not every experiment needs to taste, but this one, you would be glad to taste it, because it taste HORRIBLE! it was salty. Then few minutes later, some people came up with freezing it, and then lots of people wanted to freeze there’s. It seriously taste salty. The next day, we took a look at our frozen weird taste fizzy drink, when we tasted it again, it still taste horrible. We threw it in the bin and went to the bathroom to clean our hands and clean their mouth so they take that weird salty taste out of their tongue. Most of us decided to never make that weird drink again. - Sofie

Grade 3, What happened to the orange juice? Why do you think this happened?  - Ms. Skrtic 
On 09/04/12 after lunch we did a experiment on Cocacola.  We were supposed to have I.T but we didn’t! We were doing a experiment of Cocacola with Mentos[mint]. We had mint Mentos, Cocacola light, normal Cocacola, Omair’s student card and a Mentos loader. When we put the Mentos inside the Cocacola, it exploded and shooted to the air. But when we put the Mentos inside Cocacola light it had a bigger chemical action.
When Ms.Skrtic opened the cap of Cocacola the gas was spreading and I heard the gas escaping from the Cocacola. When it exploded it smelled like Cocacola. When I saw the reaction I saw bubbles and a Cocacola fountain!
But I thought Cocacola light was a rocket! - Keishiro

One day my dad found a dead plant he picked it out the pot and it had no roots.
My grandmother looked in the pot and saw a chafer beetle grub they kept searching for them they found 10. Then they gave them to me I loved them they are my pets but now they are with 3SS. Here is a fun fact they turn into beetles. - Madelaine

Thank you for the new class pet Madelaine! We will upload more pictures later in the week. 
Yesterday we did another experiment on which liquid evaporates faster, alcohol or water. We taped a pencil on the cup, then we dipped one strip of paper towel in water and another in alcohol. We carefully put the wet paper towels on the edge of the ruler and balanced it on the pencil. After we waited for a while the alcohol evaporated faster and the paper towel was nearly dry. - Sarina

The experiment we did yesterday was alcohol vs. water in evaporating. I liked working with my partner and I also liked looking, smelling and touching. My favorite part was when the ruler fell down because the alcohol had evaporated first.  - Mark
Today (February 13,  2012), an author and an illustrator came to visit
us in the M.P.R. The author’s name is: Dave Seow, and the
illustrator’s name is: Susanna Go-ho. They have made over 22 books.
Some of the books are: The Littlest Emperor, Monkey, God Is Hu?, There
is soup on my fly, and Blow A Kiss.

If you want to read and look at Dave Seow and Susanna Go-Ho’s books,
go to the library at ISS or visit any library in Singapore.

Click here to see Dave Seow's blog.

Thank You For Reading,

On December 15th we started to read a book called “No Talking” and we
ended it on February 1st. It is about a competition of no talking boys
vs. Girls and at the end the girls wanted to make the competition a
tie so they said 27 words to make it one. We also had a competition to
see who could talk less but everyone quit so the two leaders were left
and the girl won. The two leaders were Omair and I.
Thank you,

On the 24th of November  we went to see a few elephants which are displayed on orchard road. We saw a lot of nice and colorful elephants. One lady made an elephant covered in lace, and she called her Lacey. The lady’s message was that we should be careful with elephants, like lace. Another lady went to the butterfly farm. She was so amazed by the butterfly that she pictured it in her mind and made butterfly and parrots on it, so she can remember her time in butterfly farm. And we especially want to thank miss MONICA for organizing and letting us have a wonderful trip!  - By Ruby
On 25th of November our class went to see the Elephant Parade. 

Our guide was Miss Monica.  She explained to us many things about the elephants.

I liked the elephant made by Miss Monica because I liked the different colours on each side. I saw the paper stuck on the glass.  It said See the elephant with a real diamond.  I really wanted to see it so I asked my mum to take me after school.  It was so big and beautiful.  By Joji