After reading Jaguar Jewel, Simon and Keishiro reflected on the book by creating a CommonCraft video. Please enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts. 
Today (February 13,  2012), an author and an illustrator came to visit
us in the M.P.R. The author’s name is: Dave Seow, and the
illustrator’s name is: Susanna Go-ho. They have made over 22 books.
Some of the books are: The Littlest Emperor, Monkey, God Is Hu?, There
is soup on my fly, and Blow A Kiss.

If you want to read and look at Dave Seow and Susanna Go-Ho’s books,
go to the library at ISS or visit any library in Singapore.

Click here to see Dave Seow's blog.

Thank You For Reading,

On December 15th we started to read a book called “No Talking” and we
ended it on February 1st. It is about a competition of no talking boys
vs. Girls and at the end the girls wanted to make the competition a
tie so they said 27 words to make it one. We also had a competition to
see who could talk less but everyone quit so the two leaders were left
and the girl won. The two leaders were Omair and I.
Thank you,

In class, we made our own story books, and now, in IT class, we are animating our stories! It is very hard, but it is also very fun. You just have to make a story, go to, enter your username and password and animate your story, simple, right?


In class we made our own stories we went to IT and typed it down on the computer it was fun.

The students in 3SS have recorded Readers Theater scripts for "The Legend of Slappy Hooper" and "Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer". The voices you hear and illustrations you see are all the work of 3SS students. You may need to close the pop up box first, then just click on the arrow to play. The illustrations will advance on their own. Enjoy!  
Can you believe it? Russell turned the ring 3 times! What do you think is going to happen? Will he help Eddie or get back at him like he wanted to do from the beginning? We will find out more on Thursday.

On this rainy morning we went down to the K1s and read our brochures to the K1s and they all were so cute and some were very talkative and some were very shy but we were all being communicatores, when we were reading our brochures and we were also being risk-takers because maybe some people have never read to little kids before and I hope we can go again to the K1s and play games with them.
By: Chile

Today, we went on this rainy morning we been to K1PA. They was clever. I was suprised of understand many things. I thought K1PA’s teacher is smart. I telled the brochure. It was fun!!!
By:  Albert