On October 4, 2011 we went to Mrs. Parkers room we were listening to a guest speaker who was an artist and her name was Ms.Monica. All of the grade 3 was asking about different kinds Art forms and  Ms.Monica taught all grade 3 a lesson and it was nobody can judge your paintings and sculptures and you can’t judge other peoples paintings and sculptures. Mrs.Monica showed us paintings and sculptures of her and other peoples paintings and sculptures and she used Power point to put the paintings and sculptures on Power point. I love the way how it is my first time seeing a Artist who teaches us about Art forms!

On a rainy afternoon we went to room 36  Ms. Parkers class after lunch.  We went there on October 4th  2011. We went there because a artist was coming, guess who it was Ms. Monica, Jobs mom. When I saw her I couldn’t belive my eyes! She was also my old teacher in Grade 1. Her job was the art and she replaced her job when Ms Wendy had a baby. Ms. Monica taught us many artist, form of art and different kinds of art example: performing art. She also showed us some videos as we came into Ms. Parkers class. She taught us about insprition  and you could be famous by being  in photograph or newspaper. She asked many question and many other things. It took 45 min, and the good thing was fun!

Today in 3SS math we partnered up with other people and made a poster of our strategy for adding double-digit numbers. Students solve addition problems differently. Then we presented it to our class.

Today we went on a field trip at Fort Canning Park. At the park we did exercises to keep fit. First, we were in 3 different groups. One was Ms. Skrtic’s class and the other two classes. Since we had our own guide, Phil, he split us in groups again. I was in group B. Another good thing was my mom was there. We first did a relay and group A won. Then we did Super man. A game where you have to crawl as fast as you can. We thought group A won but we realised group A had 6 people, group B had 7 people, and group C had 6 people so we won. After that we had to get in a group of 3 but there was 2 people left so An and I made a group. First, we got a rubber band. Second we had to make a triangle but we could not so we made a rectangle. We pulled with all our might at the rubber band then took a rest, we did that several times. Then An had to go in the band and while she tried to reach the grass from our place I had to pull the band and prevent her from reaching the grass. Then we did the opposite. After that the whole grade 3 got together and did some cooldown. When we finished we went down the stairs, went on the bus, and went back to school. 

This morning we went to Fort Canning Park and did some fun healthy exercises. In the Fort Canning Park we did three steps. First we warmed up a little bit with our parents. Next we started to split into three groups and each three groups did different things. Finally, our coach told us to do cool down exercises. It was time to go back to school. The hills and the stairs were tiring but going down was not so hard. It was a hot day but we enjoyed our field trip at Fort Canning. Today’s exercises were great and I learned a lot from today’s field trip like how to make our body stay healthy.