Every morning students take 10 minutes to wake up their brains and focus on our PYP values.  Here are some of the things kids had to say.
-Mr.  Meyers 
Early Bird Time!!!

    No Talketalke is a game where use body language. It is very fun when you are more then one. How to play? You use body language and hands. they tell you what to do! 
Author: Marcus       

We listened to music when we read book’s and when we  writedraw and we wrote about a Corazon because
  Mr. Meyers said that we should listen to the music and then we were so post to write about it.
Author: My

We hear the song and try to wright what is the name of the song in our book and we also try to guess what is the type of the piano.
Author: Syafiq

We made music on the computer.
  First Mr. Meyers put the website
  On the computer. The dots were small and when you clicked one of the dots it made a sound.
Author:  Phoebe

Bo (Marcus' dad - 3BM)
9/4/2011 23:27:15

Hi grade 3BM!
It's so great to hear about what you are doing - and I really like to hear about it from YOU(!)- on your blog.

That "no talke talke" thing sounds a little tricky. I tried it this morning at my job trying to get someone to understand that I would like some coffee. But nobody seemed to understand... Or maybe they thought that I was going a little crazy. Could you tell me more about how to get it to work? Anything important that I should remember to do?

Best regards


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