Last night was the Elementary Parent Evening. We enjoyed meeting the parents and sharing information about the new school year. We look forward to working with the children and encourage the parents to communicate with us by commenting on our blog posts. 
Bo (Marcus' dad - 3BM)
8/25/2011 03:44:46

Dear grade 3 teachers,
I think you did a great job yesterday! It seems that the kids have an exciting year in store. Look forward to following your activities here.

Quick tip to all parents: add this website to your list of favorites or add it a quicklink to your favorites toolbar.

Ms. Skrtic
8/25/2011 05:07:42

Thank you for your support Bo. The students were excited to see that our blog not only had visitors already, but a comment as well! Thank you and we look forward to an exciting year as well.

Shazia ( Omair's mom)
8/25/2011 05:13:37

Thank you for the evening teachers. I wish i could have had the bagels and cream cheese as well!!! They looked yummy!

Look forward to seeing you all on this blog. This is fun! Already bookmarked on my Hand phone!

Ms. Skrtic
8/25/2011 17:26:15

Thank you Shazia, bookmarking is a great way to keep coming back for a visit! We will post some pictures of our bagel faces soon.


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