For our unit on Healthy Choices, we went on a trip to Fort Canning Park to experience a Boot Camp! The students and parents worked hard and enjoyed the morning. Read our guest student blogs below from Chika and Sarina to learn more about our experience. 
Ms. Alden
9/2/2011 02:54:38

I love your blog Third Grade!

Bo (Marcus' dad)
9/4/2011 23:40:41

Great stuff guys!
It looks as if you were giving it your best! From what I have heard and from what I can see at the pictures, you really did a lot of fun (and hard!) exercises during the trip. I also heard about all the stairs you had to climb to get up to park. wow!

I would like to hear more about how this has inspired you to do even more sports?

Best regards

Morten (Edvards Dad)
9/5/2011 07:03:20

looks like you guys had grate fun!

Myumgjin(Minjung's mom)
11/8/2011 03:50:36

I also joined the trip.It was fabulous but mostly hard.^^::

11/8/2011 03:56:15

I thought my mom had got skinner after exercising but when I reached home I found out she ate lots more and actually gotten more fat.*^^*


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