On the 24th of November  we went to see a few elephants which are displayed on orchard road. We saw a lot of nice and colorful elephants. One lady made an elephant covered in lace, and she called her Lacey. The lady’s message was that we should be careful with elephants, like lace. Another lady went to the butterfly farm. She was so amazed by the butterfly that she pictured it in her mind and made butterfly and parrots on it, so she can remember her time in butterfly farm. And we especially want to thank miss MONICA for organizing and letting us have a wonderful trip!  - By Ruby
On 25th of November our class went to see the Elephant Parade. 

Our guide was Miss Monica.  She explained to us many things about the elephants.

I liked the elephant made by Miss Monica because I liked the different colours on each side. I saw the paper stuck on the glass.  It said See the elephant with a real diamond.  I really wanted to see it so I asked my mum to take me after school.  It was so big and beautiful.  By Joji

11/25/2011 05:42:32

As a parent who accompanied the kids, I have to say, I was very impressed by all the information Miss Monica gave us all! I loved how she explained everything. It was interesting for kids and for parents as well! I'm glad I went!

12/13/2011 02:23:39

I liked seeing the elephants because they were so cute and very colorful. My favourate one was the one that had paul and frank on it.

1/7/2012 05:23:23

I am glad 3KP had a lot of fun with the colorful elephants. I hope I can visit ISS very often, and that I will see a lot of smiling faces like everyone have in Jakarta:)


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