During our unit of inquiry on Healthy Choices, the grade 3 students are going to focus on exercise this week. Each morning we are going to start our day with a 5 min. run. This is not a race and our goal is to improve and actually run the full five minutes by Friday. 
Bjorn - Noah's dad
8/29/2011 03:21:34

Hey guys

Great job you are doing there. Better than palying Nintendo right.

Looking forward for the friday report of your running effort.

Sarah and Toni (Ben's parents)
8/30/2011 06:13:52

You guys will be very fit for Sport's Day!

Mr. Meyers
8/30/2011 06:24:32

Hope everyone is ready for our run tomorrow. Way to go 3rd grade!!!!

9/17/2011 09:27:37

I wish I could take a run every morning when I got to work!


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