This morning we went to Fort Canning Park and did some fun healthy exercises. In the Fort Canning Park we did three steps. First we warmed up a little bit with our parents. Next we started to split into three groups and each three groups did different things. Finally, our coach told us to do cool down exercises. It was time to go back to school. The hills and the stairs were tiring but going down was not so hard. It was a hot day but we enjoyed our field trip at Fort Canning. Today’s exercises were great and I learned a lot from today’s field trip like how to make our body stay healthy.

Moira Clark
9/1/2011 05:09:01

The mum's enjoyed coming along too. Can't speak for the Dads though. Thank you for letting parents come on your trip we really enjoyed the exercises and learnt new things too - roaring like a bear made the exercises more fun!

Mr. Gallagher
9/1/2011 20:32:51

It's always easier going down stairs than going up Chika!

9/3/2011 06:01:06

I think this is very nice because it is very descriptive about her feelings. Very well done Chika.

Ms. Skrtic
9/4/2011 00:54:41

I agree Sarina. Chika did a great job of making the reader feel like they were right there with her!


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