On 09/04/12 after lunch we did a experiment on Cocacola.  We were supposed to have I.T but we didn’t! We were doing a experiment of Cocacola with Mentos[mint]. We had mint Mentos, Cocacola light, normal Cocacola, Omair’s student card and a Mentos loader. When we put the Mentos inside the Cocacola, it exploded and shooted to the air. But when we put the Mentos inside Cocacola light it had a bigger chemical action.
When Ms.Skrtic opened the cap of Cocacola the gas was spreading and I heard the gas escaping from the Cocacola. When it exploded it smelled like Cocacola. When I saw the reaction I saw bubbles and a Cocacola fountain!
But I thought Cocacola light was a rocket! - Keishiro

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