Today we watched a video about nutrition and exercise.
 First, they explained about carbohydrates. They explained
 about what carbohydrates are made of, and what they contain. 
They explained how much you servings you
 should eat a day. Next, they explained about fats.
 They explained about apples, having sugar! And
 they said that chips has fat too! I know it’s made
 of potatoes, but if you leave it for one night, you
 can see how much fat oil they put! They also said
 that water is the main part of your body. We also
learned our body is full of water more than food.

9/7/2011 03:51:45

I realy liked the 3ss sports video, and I saw my doll falling down on the ice, I hope she dosnt BLEED!!!

9/7/2011 03:54:44

The science-library video was very interesting, I got VERY VERY tired but it was fun

Ms. Skrtic
9/7/2011 05:39:46

I thought the video was interesting too Sofie. I think it was a nice review of what we have been inquiring into the past couple of weeks.

Mr. Gallagher
9/8/2011 02:06:50

It's so sad that chips have so much fat in them!! They are very tasty but I need to cut down on eating them as they are not the healthiest thing to eat...

9/11/2011 19:39:26

that is so cool it make you healthy do tay have more
video that is healthy.


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