Today (February 13,  2012), an author and an illustrator came to visit
us in the M.P.R. The author’s name is: Dave Seow, and the
illustrator’s name is: Susanna Go-ho. They have made over 22 books.
Some of the books are: The Littlest Emperor, Monkey, God Is Hu?, There
is soup on my fly, and Blow A Kiss.

If you want to read and look at Dave Seow and Susanna Go-Ho’s books,
go to the library at ISS or visit any library in Singapore.

Click here to see Dave Seow's blog.

Thank You For Reading,

2/16/2012 17:45:23

it was a little boring but a kinda enjoyed it!

3/4/2012 20:53:34

What was a little boring? And what did you enjoy?


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