Today we went on a field trip at Fort Canning Park. At the park we did exercises to keep fit. First, we were in 3 different groups. One was Ms. Skrtic’s class and the other two classes. Since we had our own guide, Phil, he split us in groups again. I was in group B. Another good thing was my mom was there. We first did a relay and group A won. Then we did Super man. A game where you have to crawl as fast as you can. We thought group A won but we realised group A had 6 people, group B had 7 people, and group C had 6 people so we won. After that we had to get in a group of 3 but there was 2 people left so An and I made a group. First, we got a rubber band. Second we had to make a triangle but we could not so we made a rectangle. We pulled with all our might at the rubber band then took a rest, we did that several times. Then An had to go in the band and while she tried to reach the grass from our place I had to pull the band and prevent her from reaching the grass. Then we did the opposite. After that the whole grade 3 got together and did some cooldown. When we finished we went down the stairs, went on the bus, and went back to school. 

Mr. Gallagher
9/1/2011 20:05:19

Sounds very tiring but very healthy Sarina! Great report of what you did!

Risa (Sarina's mum)
9/2/2011 04:51:49

I had a great time at the "Boot Camp"! Well done Grade 3!!

9/5/2011 02:22:11

Great job Sarina I like what you wrote and that rubber band was sure fun!!


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