First in our egg and vinegar experiment we put the egg in a bowl and then we poured the vinegar and left it for 4 days. Then we looked at it and the shell became softer and softer and the shell floated away. In this experiment we found out that the egg shell is like a tooth. If we put acidic things on our tooth the same thing will happen to our tooth. So drink less acidic drinks and more water. 
Bernardo 's mom
9/13/2011 21:16:43

I have never thought about acidic drinks ruining your teeth as we always thought more, about sugary foods ruining your teeth! What a great way to learn about how your teeth suffer from what you eat!

Miss Koo
9/14/2011 01:34:02

What a great test to see how acids affect our teeth! What do you think would happen if I replaced the vinegar with soda pop?

9/18/2011 22:48:53

Dear Miss Koo,
I think the egg is going to get sweeter because of the asid amount.

9/24/2011 11:21:05

I dont know how the vinegar worked but the coke didnt do that much work

6/22/2012 03:51:51

Your blog looked so simple to design that I decided to create one, thanks!


I think this article is excellent. Great advice. I think others will agree.


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