We have had a busy few weeks in 3BM.   Students spent time this week reflecting and going through the writing process to create some new posts on our blog to share our activities.
-Mr. Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Bagel Face

In class we made bagel face and it was delicious.
 It was delicious because there was lots of vegetable and some dairy so it was delicious. When you want to make a bagel face type www.How to make bagel face.com.
Author:  Koki

The vegetable we had where cucumber for the eyes, carrots for
  the nose and green pepper for the mouth. We had been sprouts
  for the hair.
Author: Christian

We were creative to make a bagel face nicely. Like the bean sprout for a hair, or the tomatoes eyes, orange ears, cucumber nose, and the green pepper for mouth. After we finished making bagel face we ate the bagel face and it was delicious.
Author: Kohshigoto 

It was fun making the bagel face because when we were done we made the face talk to the other faces. My favorite part was eating the bagel face because it filled me up. I hope we can do it again.
Author: Ben

Sarah (Ben's mum)
9/3/2011 03:40:17

Wow these bagel faces look yummy and healthy too. If they fill you up Ben then they are a miracle!!! Let's make some at home.

9/3/2011 09:43:26

Those look fantastic and yummy! We are going to try making these too

9/11/2011 19:35:31

I realy liked doing the bagel faces.And I think that they were realy yummy to.


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