Last week 3BM was full of thinkers.  We used only items on top of our desk to create a space station or farm.  This helped us use others people's ideas, use information we already know, and come up with original ideas of our own.  Below is a list of explanations of what they built and how.

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Mr.  Meyers

   The Space Station

In this group’s space station there was a fence making from markers and container for the station , glue  sticks for rocket and the scissors for the bridge to go to the rocket ship and the pencil  shurners  for the entrance and exit.

Author: Kohshi
The markers were an electric fence. The glue stick and sharpener were a rocket to the moon. The containers were the control system and a scissor at the side is a door the sharpener was also a door.

Author: Ewan
This morning, I made a space station with my friends.
Basket was station, markers were electricitys, one pencil sharpener and one glue was rocket, another one pencil sharpener was a door, one scissor was opening scissor door, and two scissors were decoration, other pencils were rolling flour.
The coin box was to lunch ship and pom-pom balls were nothing. Our space station was very great.

Author:  Min Seo

Min Seo
9/18/2011 09:08:52

Why do we don't have a picture?

Min Seo's Mom
9/18/2011 09:25:29

It seems very interesting and helpful to understand about 3D. But the picture is not matched with this group's members.


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