The Farm

I have no wife I only have this farmhouse.
I have loads of animals in my stall.
 I have one tree in my garden. I only wanted to be a cowboy.
I have one horse. But me, no I’m no I’m no cowboy I’m a trainman.
And I have a big train station.

Author: Marcus

We made a farm house with a door on it.  We had tree scissors
And some pencils for the roof and we also had an house for the
Anmials. We also had  an train station.

Author:  Christian 

In G3-bm we made a farm or space station
At our table we(Marcus, Daya, Christian, and me Maya.)
Made a train station and a house. I DO NOT know what
Type of house becauseI was doing the time table(so you know what to do
For the day.) do not ask me! We used markers, glue, color pencils, scissor, and
Some erasers.Well got to go!Bye bye.

Author: MAYA 

 We made farm house, train station, hay box and the house for animals.
First we made farm house with glue sticks, pencils ,eraser and mercers second we made train station with colur pencils, container and markers. Next We made hay box was from the box where we put a coins.
Next (the last) We used container and pencils.

Author: Daya

Camilla Ellehave
9/13/2011 02:52:36

Hi guys,
Your farm house looks very cool. As do you! Great job!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work on-line.
Keep up the good work,
Camilla (Marcus' Mom)

9/13/2011 04:27:35

Hi boys and girls,

I think your farms look very interesting and creative.
I love that you all created this blog, very cool!

Looking forward to see more work from all of you!
Mette (Christian's mom)


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