When you come in our farmyard you will see a path[ be carful the path is wobbly.]Then you have a huge building

And people live in it is called a farm even though it does not look like  one.]

Then you have a compus with names on it wich looks weird on it which looks weird.  Then you have a barn for the animals with hay in it and last of all you have an archway.

Author: Phoebe

The coins are hay and the puffy ball’s are hay aswell. We used markers to make the path to the house and to the other house where all the animals live.

Author:  My
On my  farm  it has  a  flag  and   the  flag
Go  up to space  and  to bake  down and  when
It  brake  it  can  grow  bake  up  in 3  second

Author:  Edvard 

 In our farm we got our coins and flufey balls and pretended that they where loaves of hay. Then we got our two blue tins and dumped them and put the small tin on the big tin. After that the things that we dumped from our two blue tins and pretended that they where fields of hay.

Author:  Callum

9/14/2011 03:12:31

wow, what creative people you are! Can I ask where the farm is located - do you have to cope with snow, heavy storms or drought?

9/17/2011 09:34:47

Your farm sounds really beautiful. I hope one day I can visit it!

Robin Ramaty
9/17/2011 11:32:45

Do you have any animals? It sounds like a place I would like to visit.


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