In my tables group we made a farm out of the things on our desk. The boys made the hay and where the animals sleep. The girls made were the farmer sleeps. The big hole in the wall is were the farmers tractor goes in the garage .Ben and Koki made horses out of, my Yacolt bottle, tow markers, a pare of sicers and a glue stick. For the roof of the house we made it out of two glue sticks, a ruler and some markers. The box at the back of the of the house is the farmers bed. I have a lot of favorite parts of  the farm so I mite not get to tell you about the farm so I might nt tell you all of them!!!  Here are some of my favorite parts of the farm.  I like the big hole where the trulx gousein, Ben and Koki’s horses me and Jasmines roof made of markers and my most favorite part is the grade which Mr. Meyers did not include. 

Author:  Katie
In class we made a farm out of scissors and pencils glue a sharpener and some other things. We made Animals out of the glue and scissors a house out of pencils and a roller.

Author:  Ben We  made  a   farm   and   Katie  decided    to   make   the  animals    place.   I   helped   Katie   .   on  owners    there  was   a   part   the   tractor  .   it  was   fun  making   it   but  a  little   bit    messy.  Me   and  Katie  made  lots  of   things    like   are  cone  box  and  that  was  fun.

 Author:  Jasmine 

We made a farm one is a farms house and the other one is a animals house we used furry ball and coins to be a food horses we used a glue stick and a scissors.

Author:  Koki

Sarah (Ben's mum)
9/13/2011 05:06:45

Hi Guys, you did a great job. We don't have a house to live in when we go back to Australia, do you think you could design one for us?

Moira (Katie's mum)
9/13/2011 19:36:22

Wow - that looks like you had a good fun day at school. Great writing on the blog posts as well - very interesting,

Margaret (Katie's great aunt)
9/15/2011 06:56:11

Looks as if you are all having a great time building your farm. Best wishes from Scotland


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