On this rainy morning we went down to the K1s and read our brochures to the K1s and they all were so cute and some were very talkative and some were very shy but we were all being communicatores, when we were reading our brochures and we were also being risk-takers because maybe some people have never read to little kids before and I hope we can go again to the K1s and play games with them.
By: Chile

Today, we went on this rainy morning we been to K1PA. They was clever. I was suprised of understand many things. I thought K1PA’s teacher is smart. I telled the brochure. It was fun!!!
By:  Albert


Mr. Gallagher
9/30/2011 11:19:30

Great job telling your stories to K1! I bet they really enjoyed your visit!

10/4/2011 21:46:04

That really looks fun.Did they tell you if you made it by your salves?I hop mr.Meyers lets us do that sometime because we or I have nevar done that before.


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