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Over the last few weeks we have been using the writing process to create October stories for our buddies the 7th graders.  Many of us tried to write stories that would scare the pants off them.  This included stories about zombies, vampires, ghosts, monster houses, and many more.  Please enjoy these pictures and feel free to stop by 3BM and read these scary stories.  

The 7th graders on the other hand helped us get ready for an earthquake and shared the events of the 1906 earth quake that happened in San Francisco.

Mr.  Meyers 

Marilu Burden
11/8/2011 19:50:34

Great job 3SS - you did scare a lot of the 7th graders. They (and I) were very impressed with your stories. Your hard work with the writing process really paid off!

11/12/2011 07:57:22

What great scary stories! (I sneaked into the classroom to read some of them - glad it wasn't in the dark!).
I'm sure the 7th Graders were very impressed too - they look so frightened in the photos, it's difficult to tell;-)
Keep up the great work.

11/14/2011 18:04:10

i never knew that 3bm was buddies with grade 7 because 3ss was buddies with k1

12/3/2011 03:57:39

omair 3bm do this every three weeks becouse next week grade 7 are coming to are classroom again to see are holiday[christmas] animations [but i dont know when]

8/10/2012 05:45:41



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