Being new to the school, this was my first UN Day. What a wonderful celebration! The students enjoyed representing their own country through their outfits and the Parade of Nations. They were also excited to visit other classrooms to learn about the different countries that are represented in our school. A big thank you to the parents who treated the school to an unbelievable buffet for lunch, including table after table of authentic food from around the world! It was a great day and a nice way to start off our October Break! 
Enjoy the break with your family and friends!  - Ms. Skrtic 
Mike Hughes
10/19/2011 05:55:01

Congratulations on a wonderful UN Day. What do you think was the best part? I really liked the food stalls at lunchtime. Did you come and visit our foodstall? Do you know which country we represented (hint: I am Mark's Dad from 2SS)

10/20/2011 20:20:44

I had a lot of fun during UN day I wish it could be better next year

Bjorn stignor
10/22/2011 23:35:39

Shame i missed it. Have to make sure i dont miss it next year


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