Today in Grade 3SS we did experiment with baking soda and liquids. When our group put baking soda into the vinegar, it exploded. Members in our group were actually surprised. Next one was Orange juice. When we put baking soda into the Orange juice a lot of bubbles came out. But the thing I saw one weird thing that Alice spilt Orange juice into Ruby’s desk. And the third one was water. But nothing happened. Okay, the final one is milk! So when we put baking soda into the milk, it just had some bubbles. I think the most liquid I liked is Orange juice because it made a lot of bubbles. The thing is this experiment would include with solids, liquids, and gases.
By - Albert

In 3ss we did a experiment with milk, orange juice, water, and vinegar. We put baking soda into each liquid and had to write down what we saw heard and smelt. The vinegar exploded and there was a big mess. On the orange juice a load of bubbles came up and went back down it was so cool. On the milk a few bubbles went a the sides. On the water nothing happened it was so much fun. This taught us about solids liquids and gases .
By - Madelaine

MIss Dell
3/15/2012 04:18:54

Wow! Your experiments sound very exciting with one exploding and another one bubbling. Let me know when you are going to do more so I can plan to be there.

3/20/2012 07:33:53

I thought that something would explode, it was so cool!

3/21/2012 05:59:10

I knew vinegar was explode!!!!!! I love it


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